Highland Bear Tries to Take a Nap

Highland Bear made a poor choice of a napping spot, although it’s a spot he seems to like especially well. The problem was the high frequency of traffic, since it was at the corner of the platforms in Wild Enclosure #1. Here is what happened.

Highland settled down for a nap. He looks relaxed and comfy.

Something caused him to wake up before he even got to sleep. What’s up?

Angus came by and prodded, poked, and pummeled Highland. Seemed like the urge to bother him was too strong to resist.

Hey, I wanna take a nap! This photo shows how well Highland’s belly fur is growing back after his surgery.

Angus moves on, but here comes Piper Bear.

He, too, can’t help but take a few swats at poor Highland.

Is that the last of them? Highland wonders, as he looks down the platform.

Now he’s fully awake and he looks dejected as he wonders when he can finally take his nap.

Here comes Highland’s sister, Nessie. She seems to want to get past her brother, too!

That must be the end! Now Highland can take his nap. . .

. . .but no, Nessie is coming back the other way!

Nessie tries to let Highland know why a sleeping bear must always be poked.

OK, I give up! Highland decides to go somewhere else to take his nap! A wise decision, we think.

Bears of any age are good at napping. At ABR the cubs have to choose their snoozing places well, to avoid the problems that Highland had.

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