Tots Bear returned to the UT College of Veterinary Medicine to have the fractured humerus in her left arm repaired. Look how many doctors helped her!

The tiny bear and her Cubby Cave went to the UTCVM. The carrier and Cubby Cave are on the floor at the left.

Since she had teeth removed, they checked her mouth to make sure it was healing well.

As things proceeded, it appeared that she was doing well.

She was prepped for surgery by the surgical team. How tiny she is!

Her arm had to be shaved for surgery.

Tots is in there somewhere, behind all the doctors!

Then she was bundled up to keep her warm post-surgery.

This is the plate that was installed on her humerus. It won’t have to be removed or replaced.

Her ordeal is over, and she did well. Now she will go back to The Cub Nursery to recover. She is on pain medication and antibiotics, and movement will be restricted, which means she won’t be able to meet another cub for several weeks.

It is amazing what the vets at UTCVM can do for a tiny little bear like Tots! We are most thankful and feel fortunate that they are nearby.