Birthday Eve

As you may recall, ABR has designated January 22nd as the official birthdate of all of our bears, because it
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The Three Bigger Yearlings

We focused on the tiny little, cub-sized yearlings in our last post. Today we revisit the bigger yearlings who have
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Yearlings in Hartley House

Yesterday we saw little Townsend Bear moving into a room in the Hartley House. He is next door to HRH
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Townsend Bear Moves

On Friday Townsend moved out of the Cub House. The plan is for him and HRH Rover to go into
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Video – Yearlings Doing Well

The three outdoor yearlings – Mistletoe, Peppermint, and Nettles are coming along very well. They are ready for release, as
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Doing Well

All of the yearlings at ABR are doing well. Here is an up-to-date report. Mistletoe and Peppermint are showing signs
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