Nocturnal Yearlings

Nettles has shown a preference for nighttime foraging all along, but now the Christmas Yearlings are adopting the habit as
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CranBeary and His Two Pads!

CranBeary Bear moved from his underground den into a culvert den near the Acclimation Pen. That is where he was
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Lazy Yearlings

As time passes and the weather stays cold and damp, the ABR yearlings are doing a lot of snoozing and
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A Blustery Day

What do bears do on a blustery, windy day? Mostly they sleep. Bears don’t like wind because it interferes with
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Christmas Yearlings Play

Although we’ve reported on the increasingly long rest/snooze periods of the yearlings, today we see them engaging in play as
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Good Bears!

The yearlings show good bear behavior. Their mothers were teaching them well. An example is our little CranBeary, as he
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