Wild Enclosure #3

We have seen a lot of “moving house” recently at ABR. Yesterday, it was time for the Triple Play cubs
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17 Cubs!

In case you’ve lost track, ABR is now the temporary home for seventeen cubs of the year, who are now
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Another Busy Day for ABR!

Three more orphaned cubs – triplets – came to ABR early yesterday morning. These little cubs are from Gatlinburg, TN
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Yesterday, the curators raised the gate between Enclosures 1 and 2, so that the cubs could enjoy the lush greenery
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Wild Enclosure #2

Now that there are five cubs in Enclosure #1, the curators decided that it needs a rest, and that likewise,
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Small But Mighty!

In today’s update, we will see how a very small cub (Jackie P) can punch above his weight, and show
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