Chubbifying Cubs Still At It

As the days go by, the cubs at ABR keep eating and eating. Hyperphagia is not over yet! These little
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Cubs and Wind

Bears don’t like windy conditions. This is true of adult bears as well as cubs, because the two senses that
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Nettles is Really Outside!

As you know, Nettles Bear has been in the Cub House and adjoining Acclimation Pen for a few days. She
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Nettles and Her New Digs

Yesterday we shared the introduction of Nettles to the Cub House. Her first night there went well. The curators want
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Big Day for Nettles!

It’s been almost a month since Nettles Bear was admitted to ABR. She has spent the month in the Hartley
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As winter draws closer, with impending hibernation, the cubs are responding as their bodies tell them to. Still eating and
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