Thriving Cubs

All twelve of the six-month-old cubs at ABE are thriving! They are growing, eating, gaining weight, and progressing in every way that we could hope for. We have a sampling of the healthy little cubbies in today’s post.

We’ll start in Wild Enclosure #1, where we find triplets plus Angus Bear.

Here are Piper and his sister, Nessie, two of the triplets.

Now we see Nessie with her other brother, Highland.

Highland is showing off his beautiful white blaze. Nessie has one, too, but we can’t see it in this shot.

Angus is the single cub who resides with the triplets. They all have bonded and seem like one family.

Little Trouble Bear is in Wild Enclosure #4. She is a single cub who shares the enclosure with another set of triplets.

Little Trouble and the smallest of the triplets, Sorrel Bear.

Taco Bear was the first ABR cub-of-the-year. He is in Wild Enclosure #3 with yet another set of triplets. Taco likes to balance on the rim of the Drinking Tub.

Thistle Bear, one of the triplets in Taco’s enclosure, likes to soak in that Drinking Tub. It is just the right size for him!

We are very happy to see that all of the cubs are doing well and that they have become such good friends in their enclosures. Stay tuned to see the latest developments!

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