After you solve these 10 problems, check your answers at the bottom of the page (don’t peek!)

01. A 12-pound cub came to Appalachian Bear Rescue. After rehabilitation at the center it was released weighing 65 pounds. How much weight had the cub gained?
02. A bear traveled 126 miles in 9 days. How far did it go each day? How far did it go in a week?
03. A black bear weighs 220 pounds. How much do you weigh? How much more than you does the bear weigh?
04. A sow (female) weighs about one-third less than a boar (male). If a boar weighs 240 pounds, how much does the sow weigh?
05. A bear in the Smoky Mountains will hibernate from December to March. How many months does it stay in the den? How many months is it out of the den?
06. A bear in the northern areas will hibernate from November to April. How many months does it stay in its den? How many months is it out of the den?
07. How do the hibernation habits of northern and southern bears differ?
08. A very large black bear weighed 425 pounds. Another large bear weighed 317 pounds. A third bear weighed 205 pounds. How much do the three bears weigh?
09. A bear can gain 5 pounds or more a day in the fall. If you gained 5 pounds a day, how much would you weigh by the end of a week?
10. During hibernation a black bear loses one-third of its body weight. One bear weighed 270 pounds in the fall. How much did it weigh the next spring?


01. 53 pounds

02. 14 miles per day; 98 miles in a week

03. Varies with child’s weight

04. 160 pounds

05. 3 months in den; 9 months out of den

06. 5 months in den; 7 months out of den

07. Northern bears den longer than southern bears

08. 947 pounds

09. Depends on weight of child

10. 180 pounds