Cubs of Various Sizes

Although all of the ABR cubs are the same age (6 months old) there is a variety of sizes among them. For example, the triplets in Wild Enclosure #1, Highland, Nessie, and Piper, seem to be particularly large in the ears.

These triplets are growing and filling out, but their ear growth is very noticeable. We think they will grow into their ears eventually.

Some cubs, like some people, are naturally smaller. Sorrel, seen here soaking her nubbin in the Cubby Pool, is a petite cub.

She is a size small, or even an extra-small.

When next to one of the other cubs, even her siblings, she seems smaller.

Little Trouble stretches out to her full length.  It almost appears that she is playing a flute, but we know that’s not the case!

Angus and Piper seem to be well-matched in size.

Look how round Angus’s caboose is getting to be!

He is so sure-footed that he can walk easily on two springy branches, with no difficulty.

Petite Sorrel, who was soaking as we began the post, is drying off now. She has good balance on the tree branch, also!


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