The trio in Hartley House got an upgrade when the curators opened the gate to the Acclimation Pen! The curators had been very busy cleaning up the area, pressure washing it, and installing new firehose bumpers on the cub-sized structures In this video, we see the cubs exploring their new digs. Their steadiness is improving, and as they use the various structures in the AP, they will develop their muscles and their balance to be ready for the next move, out into Wild Enclosure #1! First, though, we see Peeps and how she is working to strengthen herself. As the youngest and smallest cub she has some catching up to do! She is working hard, and improving every day. She climbs on and over NAPB (not a polar bear). We also get to see the brothers, Casper and Shadow,who wrestle with each other.

With the rescue of Tots Bear, we now have seven cubs in various stages of development. Stay tuned to see what happens!
It’s sure to be wild!