There is a lot going on at ABR. Let’s catch up.

First we see how our newest rescue, Tots Bear, did at the UTCVM during her initial exam.

Tots Bear at UTCVM, ready for her examination.

Because she had injuries, she had to be sedated.

She had mouth injuries that looked painful.

Dr. Swanepole and her team extracted four baby teeth.

Then it was on to Radiology.

She weighed in at 5.42 pounds.

The X-ray showed a broken humerus in her left arm. It will be repaired on Monday, when she returns to UTCVM.

Although the sedation had made her groggy, she was able to lap a snack of goat’s milk.

She was returned to the ABR Cub Nursery, where she is taking meds for pain management and antibiotics with her formula.

Tots sleeps a lot in her Cubby Cave. She needs lots of rest!

Moving on, we check in on our second smallest cub, Peeps Bear.

Peeps is active and energetic. She messes up both of her rooms in The Recovery Center.

Next, we see Casper and Shadow in Hartley House, where Casper rearranges the branches.

These two brothers are constantly moving.

One way to dismount is to flip off!

Casper climbs back up. We think he’s trying to figure out how to untie the fasteners.

Moving on to the next door neighbors in Hartley House, we find the trio engaging in mayhem and mischief.

Duke, Daisy Mae, and Jellybean are on the go all day.

A popular game is to hide under their bed.

Someday their Cubby Pool will be filled with water! Then what!

In the meantime, the two boys work together to turn it upside down.

Stay tuned for more antics from all these little hooligans!