parker02Use a blank piece of paper as your score sheet.  Write the numbers 1-20.  Read each question and by that number write the answer or answers you think are correct. Hint: several of the questions have more than one correct answer.  Score one point for each correct answer.  The total number of points you can get is 40.

Competition: play against your friend or a family member.  See who is the bear expert!

1. How many toes does a bear have on each foot?

a. Three
b. Four
c. Five

2. A bear’s sense of smell 

a. Is 7 times better than a dog
b. Allows him to smell odors more than 1 mile away
c. Is 100 times better than a human

3. Black bears prefer to eat:

a. Clover, nuts & berries
b. Pizza
c. People

4. You should never feed bears because:

a. They don’t like it
b. It teaches them bad habits
c. They might get sick

5. Bears don’t make good pets because:

a. They are wild animals
b. They are unpredictable
c. They should be allowed to roam free

6. The cubs that are cared for at ABR:

a. Live inside a protective enclosure
b. Are free to come and go as they please
c. Have a key to the gate

7. When it is hot, what does a bear do to cool off?

a. Sit in a creek
b. Drink lemonade
c. Take off its coat

8. Bears climb trees:

a. To take a nap
b. To get away from a bigger bear
c. Because mama bear said to

9. When cubs are born, they weigh about:

a. Less than a pound
b. Five pounds
c. Ten pounds

10. In one day, a bear can travel:

a. 1 – 5 miles
b. 5 – 10 miles
c. 20 miles or more

11. How are grizzly bears different from Smoky Mountain black bears?

a. Grizzlies have a hump on their back
b. Grizzlies are brown
c. Grizzlies eat fish

12. Often so-called “Nuisance Bears” have:

a. Been fed by humans
b. Gotten into poorly stored garbage or pet food
c. Been displaced from their usual habitat by human activities

13. Bears spend the winter in dens such as:

a. Inside a hollow tree or hollow logs
b. In a ditch covered with brush and leaves
c. Under rock overhangs

14. Black bears

a. Are curious
b. Like to play
c. Are sometimes brown or cinnamon colored

15. Where do the black bears at ABR come from?

a. Tennessee
b. Great Smoky Mountain National Park
c. Other States

16. What do cubs at ABR eat

a. Formula, yogurt, berries, fruit, acorns, nuts
b. Bacon and eggs
c. Sticky Buns

17. Where do bears go at night?

a. To the movies
b. To the woods
c. To Goldilocks’ house

18. Where do some cubs go when they leave ABR?

b. The state they came from
c. A wildlife management area

19. Cubs often appear to be playing the same games that people play, such as:

a. Tag
b. King of the Hill
c. Keep-away
d. Monopoly

20. If you meet a bear in the woods, you should:

a. Invite him to dinner
b. Back away slowly
c. Climb a tree

This exercise can be played individually or in teams.
Each question may have more than one right answer.
Check all that apply and score one point for each correct answer.

If your score is 35 – 40 you are a bear expert
26 – 34 you are beary good
1 – 25 you are a bear novice


Question Answers Points
1 c 1
2 a, b, c 3
3 a 1
4 b, c 2
5 a, b, c 3
6 a 1
7 a 1
8 a, b, c 3
9 a 1
10 c 1
11 a, b, c 3
12 a, b, c 3
13 a, b, c 3
14 a, b, c 3
15 a, b, c 3
16 a 1
17 b 1
18 a, b, c 3
19 b, c 2
20 b 1
  Total Points 40