Today is the three-month birthday of our cubs. As you know, ABR has designated the 22nd of January as the birthdate of all the bears who come to our facility. This date is approximately in the middle of the possible times when bear cubs are born (mid-January through mid-February). So today we celebrate this milestone in the lives of our cubs.

Tots  is in the Cub Nursery, but today she returned to the UTCVM to have her broken left humerus set. We’ll report on that later.

Peeps is doing well in the Recovery Center.

Although she seems to be OK with her own company, the curators hope to introduce her to other cubs soon.

The cub trio of Daisy Mae, Duke, and Jellybean are loving their outdoor space. They spend more time outside than in.

Wrestling is better than ever outside.

Jellybean likes to roll the blue ball. The other two like to hide.

Brothers Caper and Shadow have a clean room, but we don’t think it will stay that way!

They have lots of toys and enrichment items, but seem most interested in the outside. Not yet, little cubs.

They are athletic cubbies!

The curators are busy thinking up challenges for these two!

Wishing these seven cubs a happy birthday, and wishing the same to all bears on this April 22nd! The fact that it is also Earth Day makes today extra special for all of them!