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21 hours ago

Appalachian Bear Rescue

Current weather: 71F (22C) Mostly cloudy, rain. 🌧

Yesterday afternoon, after a final consultation with the vets at The University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine regarding the insect bite on his nose, our curators released Boomer Bear, one of our fourteen six-month-old black bear cubs, to Wild Enclosure #2.

It didn’t take Boomer long to notice the raised gate and he walked out. After a few seconds of nasal exploration, he bolted up the nearest tree. He was not alone: a peanut gallery of current residents, ensconced in the tree next door, bore witness to the bolt of furry black lightening ascending. Black bears are FAST!

A few minutes later, Boomer climbed down and resumed his exploration, sniffer and ears on high alert. He never wandered far from the two trees, and returned to them often, understandably anxious about his new surroundings.

One strange sound too many sent him clambering up the second tree where he met one of our resident cubs we believe to be Sunflower. A few huffs and Boomer was back down to continue his exploration. As nervous as he was, his schnoz and tummy responded to the food scattered all over the ground and he paused to eat. We’re happy Boomer is outside and we’re sure he’s happy too. 🐻💥

Our other sixteen bear residents are well and we look forward to Marmalade’s release from Hartley House soon. Thank you for helping our bears get a second chance. ❤️🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻


🛑Bearwise.org offers excellent information about coexisting with black bears and includes contact information for wildlife agencies across the southeastern United States. Please check it out.

🚨Our Visitor & Education Center at Trillium Cove is closed until further notice. Please stay safe and healthy!

*We post one bear update daily, seven days a week
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Comment on Facebook Current weather: 71F...

Such cute furballs...thank you for this.

You all do such marvelous work with these precious gifts from God!

Yay, Boomer! You had a scary, adventurous day. Today will be better and tomorrow will be even better. Get used to your surroundings and slowly meet your new buddies. They will soon be your bestest friends. 💖🐻💖

Horray Boomer. So glad to hear that you are now out in the enclosure. Friends galore are awaiting your acceptance of them. Eat, sleep and play with new friends while you grow even more. Have a great Tuesday curators, cubbies and yearlings. ❤️🐻🐾X17

Yay Boomer....looking forward to watching his shenanigans with the crew 😃

Wonderful entrance by a smart little bear.

Boomer is out and showing keen interest in his surroundings. Bet it won't be long until he makes friends!

An adventurous day for Boomer. Welcome to your wild new world!


Great story. Miss seeing you all at the store but know one day we will see you again. Thanks for all you do 👍

Thank you on this great update on Boomer! <3

First step is scary! But look at all the cool trees you can climb. And all the buddies you'll make. Next step is freedom.

Good for you Boomer, enjoy being outside. Hopefully you will join the rest of the bears in the enclosure very soon. Thank you for the photos and the delightful narrative.😊💜🐻

Glad Boomer is out among his soon to be buddies, all will be ok little fella!!🐻

Great photo journey. Thanks 💖🐻💖

Wonderful that Boomer was able to be released to the Wild Enclosure!

It seems that Boomer had quite the dramatic first official meeting with his new roomies! Hopefully things will start to calm down soon. 🙏🏻🐻❤️

Hopefully, since they've at least seen and sniffed one another, bonding will happen sooner! 💖💖

Aww sweet Boomer 😊

Love your narratives!

Wonderful news!

Good for you Boomer. Thanks ABR. 🐻❤️

Great sequence of Boomer meets the neighbours

It must be so hard to be the new guy in the woods❣️🐻🐾

Glad to see the arrows being so helpful.

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2 days ago

Appalachian Bear Rescue

Current weather: 72F ( 22C) Rain🌧

At present, we have seventeen black bears in residence: fourteen six-month-old cubs, and three eighteen-month-old yearlings: eight males and nine females. We’re posting a screenshot of “Who’s Where” to help you keep track. (We need it too!)

Boomer, a six-month-old male cub, is doing well in Acclimation Pen #2. The cubs in Wild Enclosure #2 came to check him out. We don’t know if the sound of curators approaching startled them, or if Boomer said something, but all six cubs shot up a tree and looked down at his pen from a safe distance. Good bears! The curators hope to release Boomer to Wild Enclosure #2 soon. 🐻💥

Appalachian Bear Rescue couldn’t exist without the support of our friends from all over the world. Locally, our board members, curators, and volunteers work tirelessly to keep our resident bears healthy. Recently, they picked blueberries and apples to stock the Cubby Cooler, a refrigerated building where we store perishable items. Mr. Augustus Bear, one of our three male yearlings, will benefit from their effort. He’s in Acclimation Pen #4 getting used to having as much food as he wants. The curators can tell a great deal from the frequency, consistency, and contents of bear scat. What they’ve learned from Augustus’ frequent “tips” is that before arriving at ABR, he was surviving by eating grass. Black bears are omnivorous and eat leaves, grass, and tender plants, but eating just grass indicates Augustus had problems finding food in the wild. We’re here to help him gain the weight he needs to get a second chance, and apples, blueberries, peanuts, and bear diet pellets will help him get that chance. 🐻👑

It takes a global village to keep our facility running and we’re grateful to all of you for your compassion and support. ❤️🌍🌎🌏


🛑Bearwise.org offers excellent information about coexisting with black bears and includes contact information for wildlife agencies across the southeastern United States. Please check it out.

🚨Our Visitor & Education Center at Trillium Cove is closed until further notice. Please stay safe and healthy!
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Comment on Facebook Current weather: 72F...

Poor Augustus bear. I am so glad that he has come to ABR so that he can have as much good food as he wants and needs. 🐻❤️Thank you curators and volunteers for everything that you do for the bears.

Great pictures!! Love watching our cubs and yearlings grow so beautifully!!💖

Awesome photos today of some healthy gorgeous bears. Sparks’ transition is second only to that of the one and only Hartley Bear! The lady bears will be in awe of Mr. Sparks for sure! 🙏🏻🐻❤️🙏🏻🐻💗

I need a Who's/Who also. I lost track some time ago. First time since I have been following (2015) that I could not keep up with back stories. Of course, I am getting older. But a lot of cubs came quickly. I remember Ferninand the cow bear - then they all mush together.

I’m from Australia and I eagerly await my ABR updates. I love what you do for these lovely bears.

That is so tremendous that support is from all over the world! We are one world! Together we will overcome anything!! Thank you for showing the example ABR!

17...praying the fall food comes in out there in the wild. Hate to see a jump in the numbers-so many are struggling, and ABR is filling. 🙁 Thankful there is such a place as ABR for these little ones to have a real chance at life.

Great pictures and we'll feed babies. Beautiful people to help out the bears with their crop. Days getting better! Damn the pandemic blues!

Thank you for our daily update on all our sweet cubs and yearlings glad all are doing well and a big thank you to everyone who volunteers to help these beautiful bears and to the owners of the apple orchard and blueberry patch thank you so much for your generosity you have made a lot of happy little tummies💕🐻🐾

Thank you ABR for all your hard work and dedication to help these bears each and everyday. You are all outstanding. ❤️❤️❤️

Is there a food shortage where Augustus was found?

Ty for my daily smile 😃 Love all y’all and all our little cubs🐻💜☮️🦋

Great pictures. Can't wait until all bears are in an enclosure, running around, eating and making friends. Have a great day, try to stay dry, curators, cubbies and yearlings. ❤️🐻🐾x17.

It brings tears to my eyes thinking about poor Augustus living on grass! Oh thank you ABR! ❤️❤️❤️

So disappointed I won’t get to visit the visitors center this time but totally understand why. We must keep those bearies safe!

Thank you for a wonderful post. The bears all look great. Thank you for all you do to help these precious bears🐻💜

Such a lovely assortment of pictures today. Thanks, ABR, for making my day.

Thanks for this post of the bears and photos of some volunteer that pick the blueberries and apples. Thanks also to the owners of the orchards and bushes for allowing volunteers to pick.

Thanks to all who picked apples for the bears. They appreciate your efforts and so do I. Glad all is well at ABR.

Such beautiful animals

Love these tours of the innards of ABR. I’m picturing six cubs scrambling up trees!

Thank you to the people who do what we long-distance fans cannot!! ❤❤❤

ABR is certainly a happ’n’ place! ❤️

Thanks to the harvesting volunteers!

The fruit harvest is wonderful. I absolutely don't know how they do it in the heat.

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3 days ago

Appalachian Bear Rescue

Facebook Live with Curator Janet. August 9, 2020. ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook 623648865227992

Thank you once again Janet, Jake and Joey. Hope you have a more toned down rest of shift. Wishing everyone a blessed and healthy week ahead 😊🐶🐶🐻❤️

I am glad at least these bears are protected from the dangerous world of humans. Thank you for rescuing them and protecting them, ABR.

Well Ferdinand was treated so gently by those cows who welcomed him. He must be passing that experience along.

Wonderful videos and sharing with friends. Be safe all bears, bear fans, curators and the curator's best friends, Joey and Jake. <3

How cute good little cub I noticed she put her bear back in the corner I don’t think she liked you moving it!!

You are so right Curator Janet Ferdinand is such a sweet cub! He does deserve the award! He has my vote! 💯 percent 😊

I just love learning how they communicate!

Can you imagine if she got under the bed and fell asleep. The curators could not find her on the camera. How fun would that be???

Thank you again, Janet!! Have a great week, nurse those wasp stings and stay well! 🙂

You always make our weekends with your updates and videos...have a great week Janet!

Clover is possibly still mourning Chicory... she would have known how sick the Mouse was.

He’s such a gorgeous bear. Thanks Janet. Can’t wait for next weekend updates. Have a great week everyone.

He’s beautiful! Maybe it’s a piece of bark from the old Xmas tree

Marmalade is a feisty one, that's for sure! Good to see; fun to watch!

She seems to be feeling better! Love seeing her being playful.

I would love to be a kid again. Just playing all day.🐻💕

Oh my, thank God for the firehose hammock! My heart just about stopped.

He remembers how the cows were friends to him when he needed one..and now he's passing it on!

Thank you Janet for a great weekend of Facebook live sessions and sharing all the great videos with us I hope you and the boys have a great week and look forward to next weekend safe travels💕🐻🐾

Always worry they'll fall off or roll off the platforms. My heart just dropped to my stomach watching that cub fall onto the hammock. Who was that? And thank God the hammock was there

She will teach everyone this new dance, her version of the twist

Thank you, Janet. Have a healthy and safe week. Will look forward to seeing your update next weekend.

Augustus is probably catching up on some much needed rest. I am glad he is sleeping. 👍

Hello Janet and all the cute little bears there.🐻💕

Thank you so much for the bear updates and videos, Curator Janet. I hope you all have a wonderful week! Stay safe and well!

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