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6 hours ago

Appalachian Bear Rescue

Morning Edition

Everyone was up early to forage and play. The six cubs in Wild Enclosure #2 paraded across the enclosure, foraging as they walked. Something startled them, and a few headed for the trees. Black bear cubs are always on high alert; “better safe than sorry” could be the motto of the ursine set. We don’t know what sets them off; sometimes the wind, a noise, pretty much anything. You may recall that former residents were spooked by crows; this year’s cubs were older when they entered the Wild Enclosures and ignore them. Brave bears!

If you saw the curators’ live Facebook broadcast yesterday, you witnessed the six cubs duking it out. People new to our Facebook page may not realize that black bear cubs wrestle and play in silence. In the wild, noise attracts attention, something bears, especially young bears, don’t want. To see them bop each other with such vigor and commitment while not making a sound is remarkable. Black bears, young and old, exhibit the behavior of prey, not predator; they would rather flee than fight.

The Beary Triplets emerged from the undergrowth to forage at two locations. They haven’t had time to murdalize everything green and bendy, so there’s still a lot of foliage in their enclosure. To say they wrestled though breakfast is like saying the sun rose this morning: it did and they did.

Beignet Bear tolerated her confinement in Hartley House for another night. As you know, the curators are doing everything they can to keep her mind off the walls that keep her from doing what comes naturally: climbing and roaming. We cross our fingers and hope for another week.🤞🐻

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Good afternoon everyone! Looks like Fuzzy Bear needs a bath! Happy that Beignet is doing well in her confinement for now! Continued prayers for a speedy recovery, so she can join the others to play and climb!

Have a great Thursday curators and cubbies.

Every day, you're one day closer to the end of confinement, Beignet. We are all so proud of how good you are being. 💖💖💖

Each day I swear I learn something new from this site! Love these chubby cubbies! ❤️

Another great day in cubbie land!! They are so cute.

Oh, I love a parade, of bear cubs that is🥰

I was never really a bear person until I met Hartley Bear. Then everything changed and I saw what I had been missing. I think of Hartley so often and pray he is doing well. ABR gives them all the best second change of all. I always add you all to my list of the many things in life for which I am very grateful!

Love these posts so much! They make my day!

So cute, thanks for sharing the pics and all the interesting facts😊

Great post (as always!) Nice to see that all cubbies are well and doing their thing. Bearies wrestle and challenge forbidden trees, Beignet excels at redecorating, Not Beignet stays chill and the rest of the cubs lounge around and forage, as usual! At is well at ABR.

Bless those babies and the ones who care for them.!! 🐻❤️🙏🐻

Hang in there Beignet! 🐻💜 The Cubs are getting soooo big! They are going to be great wild bears. ❤🐻💜

So cute! I remember the Great Escape!

Sweet bears💖

Thanks for the update! I see the munchkins are up to their usual shenanigans. Those sleeved trees will not be safe as long as they are there 😂. Glad to see Miss Beignet is still holding on, even though it looks like Not-Beignet has gone belly up! Wishing a blessed and peaceful day for all 🐻❤️🐻💗🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Brave girls and boys!!

Praying for he Curator’s and Beignet that she can hang on for one more week! You are doing great Beignet 🙏😘♥️

So cute

They are getting so big! ♥️🐻


The cubbies are doing great in your care! Thank you!! So what is the plan for them? Will they stay at ABR thru the winter to get a fresh start in the spring or will they be released before winter? If released before winter will they have time to be able to secure food sources and create a safe den for winter?

When the pins are removed from Beignet's leg--will she have more recovery time or will she go fairly immediately back to the Wild Enclosure?


Sounds like just another typical day in bear world glad all are doing well💕🐻🐾

Such entertainment,what we going to do when our cubs are released?❤️🐻

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1 day ago

Appalachian Bear Rescue

This video will serve as this evening's post. ... See MoreSee Less

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You guys do a great job with what limited resources you have the bears and cubs at ABR are lucky to have such a nice place to recover

All they really need to learn is how to stand on each other's shoulders and build a bear way to the top. 🙂

You brighten my day by what you show and post and I really appreciate what you offer!!!

Wish that were true for night-time sleeping for humans!

It is amazing how their bodies work.

I really want to commend Coy and all of you for how you think of things to help Beignet feel like she is in an enclosure as much as possible

So cute. Having so much fun running and playing.

I doubt they will always find crystal clear water in the wild

I hope you get some hollowed out logs! Maybe put an ad in the local paper?

Are all you curators recovered from Bear Necessities? It was a fun event! Glad to see and meet ya'll in person.

Thank you for what you do daily.

Thank you Ashley and David

Thank you David

Thank you, Curators Ashley and David!

Little Miss Beignet doesn’t mind the heat in her air conditioned quarters 🐻💗

Glad to see her walking normal on her hurt leg. ❤️

Thank you!

Love the videos. Thanks so much for sharing with us❤️🐻❤️

I’m sure with as many years of experience with bears that you have Curator David I’m sure you have some great stories to tell!!

Thank you Ashley and David. Have a great rest of the day.

It the cubs had not been orphaned would they stay in a den with mom this winter? Wondering if mom would be looking for a place large enough to accommodate her entire family.

Have you made a betting chart yet as to the date the triplets will remove the sleeve from the tree? 😂

Really enjoyed Bear Necessities. Yes hot, but great event. Enjoyed all the curator stories.

I wondered what was going on - the simple joy of caatching a leaf. <3

This group loves to wrestle. With the heat though have they been in the pool a lot?

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Sharing Public ABR!😀🐻🐾

1 day ago

Appalachian Bear Rescue

Morning Edition

All ten cubs were visible this morning; two of The Beary Triplets foraged, while the third checked out a sleeved tree. We should explain to our new followers there are several trees in each of our four Wild Enclosures, usually those close to the fences, that are sleeved to prevent bears from climbing them. The Beary Triplets have a “thing” about these trees. They have others to climb but the Forbidden Trees attract their natural curiosity and desire to demolish. We wish to thwart demolition. Cubs wreck everything; that's why we can't have nice things. No point in putting out the fine china when you care for bears.

In Wild Enclosure #2, everybody was kung-fu fighting! The six cubs paired off for a breakfast wrestling match; chonky Boudreaux ended his match with a nap. We think that means he won. We’re not sure. Cub sporting events don’t seem to have rules.

Beignet Bear napped in her little fort. She had fresh figs stuffed with honeycomb, peanuts, acorns, whole pears, grapes (no, we didn’t peel them for her) and a frozen fruit smoothie. She’s tolerating her confinement and is walking well. That’s all we ask, Beignet; be patient and get better.

EDITED! We hope you’ll be able to watch the curators’ live Facebook broadcast today at 1pm (EST). If not, it will be available to view anytime after it ends. ❤️🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻

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Thank you for once again making the day a little brighter with sharing the antics of our favorite little hoodlums!! With the 5 star service Beignet is getting, she might not want to leave Hartley House! Wishing everyone a blessed day 🐻❤️🐻💗🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

I'll miss these guys when they leave. I'm guessing this is going to be one of your more memorable cubby rescue years.

Good morning everyone! Happy to hear that all is well at ABR! Happy for little Beignet that she is doing so well! Continued prayers for her! Thank you for the pictures and updates! Have a great day!

Always brings smiles to my life. Luv my bears

Thank you & I just ordered those adorable Christmas cards. Hoping all proceeds help your bears! ❤️

Once again, thank you for the witty & enjoyable telling of the story, and the good & important information contained there in. 🐻❤️🐻❤️🐻❤️

I really enjoyed watching the bears

Big smiles this morning....thank you! 💗❤️

Thanks for sharing these cute pictures of all the cubs they all look content so far but it’s early💕🐻🐾

Why not cut those 3-4 trees down or make stumps? Milos stump.

Sharing Public ABR!😀🐻🐾

If I come up there, may I please request fresh figs stuffed with honey. You can keep the comb, I'll just take the honey!

The bears are eating better than me! I can’t find fresh figs anywhere!!! 😂😂

Y'all should have made her salad bowl with those ingredients.

Fresh figs stuffed with honeycomb. I'm in.

Bears kung-fu fighting gave me a huge out loud laugh

Oh, but think of the fun they would have demolishing fine china!

Nia Bourdon

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2 days ago

Appalachian Bear Rescue

Evening Edition

Curator Coy built a small fort for Beignet. That should tell you how inventive he is and how desperate we are to keep our little bear patient amused while she convalesces. When this bear rescue season is over, we anticipate our curators will be infinitely brighter for their efforts or bald from the anxiety. Maybe both.

While Beignet enjoyed a peanut butter log in Room #2 of Hartley House, Curator Coy applied his skills and muscles to cubby fort construction in Room #1. The fort couldn’t be too high (we don’t want her climbing), but it should be high enough to give her some exercise. (We have to wonder what Beignet thinks; every time the curators raise the gate, her room has changed.)

Coy scattered all sorts of grapes, peanuts, etc on the floor to encourage her to forage, then withdrew to raise the gate. Beignet investigated, nose first, ate, ate more, then took a nap in one of the most uncomfortable positions we’ve seen. When she woke, she relocated her ample caboose to the interior of her fort and played with the branches. Good bear! Good curator!

The other nine cubs in residence had a good day and we hope you did too. ❤️🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻

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Curator Coy is just plain brilliant! Love Coy, love the log and the fort, love the animated arrows, love Beignet, love Not Beignet. Such cleverness and such care.

Curator Coy is amazing! Such thoughtful cleverness to keep little Biegnet from being bored.

Pure JOY! And Curator Coy, I hope when you go home for the day you get pampered too!

Oh my gosh!! That is one happy little cubby ❤️!!! The pictures brought a smile to my face!!! Thank you Curator Coy....you are amazing!!!

What a wonderful surprise for Beignet! Curator Coy really went all out! Beignet obviously approves ... choosing to crash in her lovely fort! Plenty to keep her busy!

I don’t know where to begin! Curator Coy you are a great bear psychologist! You really knocked it out of the park for little Beignet! You will need to keep this in your bag of tricks for any future residents who might have to be confined. Just bring the outside in to them! Hartley would be so proud of your bear ingenuity! I hope everyone has a blessed and peaceful night, especially the babies out in the heat while Beignet enjoys her air conditioned suite! 🐻❤️🐻💗🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Thank you ABR for the absolutely amazing job you do! This certainly brightened my day! 💕🐻💕

So glad to see that she is getting better....

Thank you, Curator Coy! What wonderful ideas to keep our Beignet cubbie girl occupied. Wow! Such good ideas. So how much longer???

What special treats the Curators are coming up with for our precious Beignet.

Bless you guys for taking such good care of this sweet baby Beignet. Amazing!!

You guys are so great and caring

That’s awesome!

It never seems to amaze me what lengths you all will go to see the cubs have any thing and everything possible to make their stay there comfortable ❤❤ every year you come up with some awesome ideas 👍👍 Beignet is one lucky patient , hopefully she will heal fast and be able to be with the rest of the cubs again ❤❤ Thank you for the evening update Have a good night 🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻❤


Such inventive ideas to keep her amused.

Thank you so much Curator Coy for giving Beignet so many fun new adventures to play with and explore💕🐻🐾

Great idea! Precious bear! She’s just beautiful.

Great job Curator Coy!

Curator’s get gold medal’s for all their hard work and dedication and of courses love for these magnificent chubby bears 🐻 🏅🙏♥️

Darling bear.

You all are awesome & so inventive!!! You are a Beary positive influence on your cubbies!!! Thanks to each & every one of the Team!💜💜💜

Love the bears and your sweet writings.

The rooms and other enrichment items that you are creating for Beignet are just marvellous Curator Coy. I'm sure you will be able to come up with enough ideas to keep her occupied until she is able to return to the outside enclosure. 💖💖💖

I imagine Coy must lay awake at night trying to come up with ideas to entertain Beignet. These ideas are great!

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