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ABR Update-March 25, 2019

Morning Edition

Boudreaux and Beignet, our two-month-old Louisiana Black Bear cubs got their little selves weighed: Boudreaux is 6 pounds, 8 ounces (2.94 Kg) and Beignet is 4 pounds (1.81 kg) on the nose…or nubbin, whichever is pointing at you. Sweetie Bear and Hartley are doing well and the curators hope to move Hartley to an Acclimation Pen soon.

Thank you for supporting our bears!❤️🐻🐻🐻🐻

We post updates on our residents twice daily, morning and evening.
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ABR Update-March 25, 2019 

Morning Edition

Boudreaux and Beignet, our two-month-old Louisiana Black Bear cubs got their little selves weighed: Boudreaux is 6 pounds, 8 ounces (2.94 Kg)  and Beignet is 4 pounds (1.81 kg) on the nose…or nubbin, whichever is pointing at you. Sweetie Bear and Hartley are doing well and the curators hope to move Hartley to an Acclimation Pen soon. 

Thank you for supporting our bears!❤️🐻🐻🐻🐻

We post updates on our residents twice daily, morning and evening.


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So good to hear all the bears are doing well. Have a great day Hartley, Boudreaux, Beignet and Sweetie! ❤🐻🐻❤💜🐻🐻💜

Yay for Hartley Bear on getting to go outside! 👏👏 He has been a very good patient and is now going to be rewarded with more adventures awaiting him in the outdoors!! I’m sure Sweetie Bear will soon be well enough to follow him. Glad B & B are putting on the pounds and gaining strength. Thank you ABR curators for all your love and care!!❤️🐻🐻🐻🐻

The class of 2019 is jumping in leaps. Our future graduates have been learning great lessons taught by no others than the professors/curators at the ABR academy. We are rooting for all your students. Give me an "A", give me a "B", give me an "R"...ABR!!!!!!

They grow so fast!!!! And Curators are happy for that when they are bottle babies ❤️🐻❤️🐻❤️. And Hartley Bear growing hair ❤️🐻❤️ and Sweetie Bear cleaning her dish❤️🐻❤️

Thank the Lord! These babies are thriving and growing like little weeds. Keep it up baby B & B!!!

Such a sweet picture of the babies. It feels so good to see how far they have come and how well they are doing under ABR care. Actually all the bears you have already received this year. It surprises me just what a little time in your care can make such a difference. You guys rock!

Well done on the progress.

Wonderful news!!! Good girl Beignet keep growing thanks for a great update on all💕🐻

Did they stay together all night?

Love these little bears! Always enjoy reading about them!

FOUR POUNDS!!! Way to go Beignet!!! I am so thrilled with their growth and that they are thriving. All because of excellent, loving care from ABR. Thank you for being so dedicated to the bears! Hurray for the four cubs, all doing well!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

Did the cubs get to stay together all night last night? Have a great day babies.

Good Curators! Chubbifying those littles in spite of their non-stop energy consuming activities and sounds to break the record. Love that Sweetie Bear is doing so well, and Hartley Bear is not only chubbifying, but fur-I-fying, Too!

Beignet is not quite catching up with Boudreaux, but is gaining ground on him. Watch out, little guy! Your sister will be bossing you around in no time! I can Hartley (pun intended) wait to see Hartley Bear move to an Acclimation Pen. I bet both he and Sweetie will be grateful for the larger accommodations. Will the roof be raised to give Sweetie a little room to climb? Thank you for sharing this lovely morning update.

Yay!!! Way to go, Beignet!!! Keep up the good work, baby girl!

are Boudreaux and Beignet allowed to be together all the time now or just for supervised visits?

Wow! Our little babies are growing up!! Such wonderful news! Glad to hear that Sweetie and Hartley are doing good as well and that Hartley may be taking his next big step very soon! Good day to all!! 🐻🙏🏻❤️🐻🙏🏻💖🐻🙏🏻❤️🐻🙏🏻💖

Omgosh! Remember when we were celebrating Beignet achieving 2 lbs? Woohoo! Thank you ABR! You guys are the best!

Wow! She went from 3 to 4 pounds a lot faster than from 2 to 3 pounds!!! Good girl!

Bless their little hearts! They are doing everything they can to scarf down everything you give to add those pounds on!

Great news at lest we’re going in the right direction with them all eat well sleep well and play nicely 😀❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🐻🐻🐻🐻

Wonderful news. Grow little ones so you can be big stronger bears.

Playfull cuddly babies! What a treat to see them together!

Awesome lil babies she getting there gorgeous faces

Just wondering, will you weigh Hartley when he moves to the Acclimation Pen?

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March 24, 2019 - Evening edition

It has been a good day for our bears. Enjoy two videos featuring Boudreaux and Sweetie Bear. Thank you for helping us return bears to the wild where they belong.
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I can’t wait for the day when Sweetie has her fill of food and leaves some for later. It’s hard to see her lick every drop and know she wants more, but I understand the need to take it slow. Be patient lil girl!

It breaks my heart Sweetie Bear wants more but she didn't have anything really worthwhile when she was on her own or she wouldn't be in the state she is in. One day she'll graduate to Hartley's level and eat to her heart's content. For now, she is safe and getting all the help she can get. Thank you.

Could not help noticing the switch from rubber to leather gloves. Guessing them legs attached to that set of claws are getting stronger.

Precious babies!! Seeing these videos make me smile and my heart happy!! Thank you ABR for all you do to help these precious souls have a second chance at life!

Goodnight to all bears. Sweet dreams and here's to a great great week. 🐾🐾🐾🐾💜💜💙💙💤💤💤💤

The beauty of God’s creations knows no bounds .....thank you ABR for sharing these wonderful videos with us and thank you for the enormous difference you have made and continue to make in their precious lives. Boudreaux is going to go from cute little bear to a handsome big bear and Sweetie is so beautiful.😍

Not much need to wash the dishes between feeding is there?

Both bears are looking great! Seeetie is coming along nicely. Nice little charge at the end. Good bear! Boudreaux - ah what can you say about a healthy little bear except look at them there claws! Yowza! He is getting big and strong so quickly. Good boy! Doing what little bears do! Good day all around it seems for all four bears! Nice job ABR! You guys are awesome!

It’s so good to see them getting their little bellies full!!! Can’t wait until the day Sweetie can eat as much as she wants ❤️

Sweetie said "If you aren't going to give me more food then get out!" LOL How hard it is on her and the Curators to have to ration her food, but we all know it's what has to be done. At least she is feeling feisty enough to jump and claw at the bars and curator. Good Bear! 💓🐻

Bou is so focused feeder! He will be a beautiful boy with his gold specks. Sweetie has a very pretty nose, even in this condition her beauty shines! I am sending her tender hugs! I was relieved to read that you increase her portions every two days.

Everybody note the upgrade from latex gloves to leather gloves. Sharp little cubbie nails.

Hang in there Sweetie more food is coming, all is well.

Bless her heart she’s a good eater and even licked her bowl clean💕🐻

The most precious videos ever....

Sweet little bear! Sweet dreams. More food will be there soon❤️

Thanks, for all the videos, today! There aren’t words to describe how precious these four bears are! Goodnight bears and curators!❤️❤️❤️❤️

Sweetie looks like she's trying to lick the shine off the bowl!! Both of them are too adorable for words. Thank you for your work.

After that wrestling episode today, Boudreaux needed that and 12 more feedings!!!!🥰. Sweetie just wants more, poor darlin’. Hope she’ll be able to get more soon! Thanks ABR!!💕

I think it would be so hard not to talk to these beautiful creatures! Everyone have another great night. ❤️🐻🐻🐻🐻

Bless Sweetie. She just gets every little drop. Bordeaux loves that bottle

Sweetie Bear is beautiful already but I can’t wait to see her once she’s put on some weight!

Sweetie is a great bowl polisher.

These videos made me smile. I think Sweetie is about ready for another house.

Good night bears and Curator Janet. Hope you all have a restful night

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21 hours ago

Appalachian Bear Rescue

Facebook Live with Curator Janet ... See MoreSee Less


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The senior retirement community i work at love to watch the videos from ABR.

Janet, it is so generous of you to give up your weekends to help these little ones get a new start on life in the wild. All of us are so appreciative for you and the others who give so selflessly of their time.

How are the curators holding up with all the baby care? Lol

It's such a pleasure listening to you, Janet. You are so well-spoken and even-keeled! :)

Thank you Janet!

Thank you Janet, hopefully the won’t be too hard on you for being late 🐻

Once they are released into the wild, are they timid around strange adult bears?

If you don't mind me asking, do the curators have to have special education?

Janet...I think I agree with your reasoning on why the bears don't return to ABR after release.... but the exception to the rule must be MILO.... who never wanted to leave.

Hello from Anchorage AK,

Is his fur thick enough that there isn't worry about sun burn in the acclimation pens?

Hi curator Janet thank u for showing Hartley he’s my man can u tell me do Bears shed fur like some animals do love the photos and videos u shear with us there brill loved watching the little man this morning showing of his strength lots of love to u all and cubby world ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🐻🐻🐻🐻

Did you try to get the Cubs from Wisconsin's sheriff's department? 2 found living in a culvert.

Thanks, Janet .You have good week as well ! ❤️🐻🐻🐻🐻

Would you recognize a bear four or five years later?!?

What do these bears lack from not having a mother bear to learn from ?????

Where will Hartley move to? Will he be outdoors?

Is Hartley still being content with his confinment?

what would happen if a bear can not be released back to the wild

What kind of goodies are inside the toy?

Do you sedate him to move?

Is Hartley's yellow ball stuck under the pen top? Did he put it up there?

Will we get to see video of Hartley's reaction to being outside, once he's able to be there?

These two are full of energy. Are they still eating every four hours?

Thank you, Janet!!

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21 hours ago

Appalachian Bear Rescue

Facebook Live with Curator Janet. ... See MoreSee Less


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It makes me a little sad that these bears will be released back into areas where a hunter could take them after they have beating the odds and becoming healthy happy bears

I am filled with so much gratitude for the work y'all do at ABR as I watch Sweetie lap up her formula. I know she's hungry, but that will change. Thank you, ABR. ~a grateful heart.

It would take me more than a minute to figure it out.

She is watching you!! How pretty she is!

I have watched HHB's video at least ten times

Yep. Better be there on time. 😂

Animals make me so happy ❤️❤️❤️

Here from South Florida.

Hi Janet, I love your life feeds❤️🐻🥰

Does she play with her toy?

Do we hear B&B in the background?

She was a hungry little bear.

I missed the bluff and huff —will rewatch

Do the ear tags protect them once they are out in the wild?

What are the tags for in Sweeties ears?

Bears are my favorite animal love them

Dear ABR, in you part of the country, is it y'all or you all or ?? I heard on A Way With Words (radio program about words!) that it's different in different parts of the country. Thanks for indulging me.

She absolutely has the perfect name

Hi, y'all, from Southern Middle Tennessee.

I can’t imagine how hard not being able to feed them is when you have to for their health....Bless you all

Has she paid any attention to the stuffed toy?

VERY cute and loving her food :)

Hello from Maryville, TN! Thanks for all that y'all do.

Thanks Janet for the info on the ear tags. I was wondering once these tagged bears are released back to the wild is it illegal to kill one of the them didn’t know if Kentucky and Tennessee had bear hunting season

So cute. And so glad she's moving around.

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March 24, 2019 - Morning update
Stone Cold Boudreaux
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So gorgeous.The difference in size is much more apparent, just love how Beignet just snoozes through her brothers silliness.

I see a lot more "murdelized" trees at ABR in the near future!

Beignet is like...OK!! No more coffee for you bro! Now settle down. It's sleep in Sunday sheesh! All kidding aside, it is totally amazing how far they've come in just a short time. Still have work on some co-ordination but Boudreaux is determined to be the baddest bear in bayou country. Let's pray that Beignet remains chill or ABR is gonna be veryyyyyyyyyyyy busy!!

“Lemme at um! lemme me at um! “ what a goofball. If the Cowerdly Lion and Yogi Bear had a love child....

feetsies in the air!! He reminded me of Finn <3 <3 <3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3vFF6t9HOI

So cute. Beignets trying to sleep and brothers being a typical boy😂😂He's really enjoying himself and I think he was trying to get his back feet too. 😂😂Love this video, so glad they can be together now.

Boudreaux is adorable! Getting stronger every day, though still working on the coordination thing. I'm glad he decided to take out his chewing on Heartbeat Puppy rather than Beignet - I'm sure that will change. You can tell by how much of the bed she takes up that Beignet is growing, too. Love seeing her getting chubby. Question, though - I see her left leg splayed out. Is she still having trouble with it, or is she getting it to cooperate better?

You know you still need practice on your right hook and left jab when your stuffed sparring partner almost wins! ❤️

This has got to be the sweetest thing ever!! He is like a turtle trying to turn over when he gets on his back, but determined to get back up! Sister seems more interested in a nap! Thank you for sharing this video! Wishing all a good day! 🐻🙏🏻❤️🐻🙏🏻💖

Makes it difficult to wrestle when one doesn't have full command of ones all fours just yet! 🙈😁

Typical twins! One is sleeping one is awake. They just keep breaking the cuteness meter!!!!

Absolutely ADORABLE!! Those back legs just won't cooperate yet. When he tipped over on his back and couldn't get up right away was SO CUTE! Love how Beignet appears unfazed when Boudreaux plops on her head while trying to attack his toy. :)

I could put this on loop and watch 24/7. Those paws! That attitude and spirit! Poor little Beignet is like seriously dude?!?! Trying to sleep here! Thank you so much for sharing the show! 💖🐻💖🐻💖🐻💖🐻💖

This is the cutest video ever!!❤️❤️

When he gets his sea legs he’s gonna be a handful!

Miss B needs to smack him,like how cats do with the computer printers!! LOL

So sweet. I’m amazed at how tiny Beignet’s paws are compared to her brother. She’s a sleepy girl this morning. 😴. He is so much like a human baby, discovering his own arms and legs and even biting his own paw!❤️❤️🐻🐾

It's okay Beignet; I've got a brother exactly like that one. Unfortunately, they don't grow out of it. So good to see you both this morning. ❤

Little Bo is just so cute trying to make his feetsies and legs work together with his milk filled tummy. 🐾🤗 You can really see how much bigger than Beignet he is. Little Bo is as big as his heartbeat puppy! Janet always captures the best videos! ❤️ Thank you 😊

That look she gave him. Too funny.

This reminds me of my first college roommate: every time I’d try to take a nap she had to rearrange the world.

When I saw that last bear hug Boudreaux gave to the heartbeat puppy, I knew I wanted one too. <3 :)

Those mean old legs just won’t cooperate.

He's so funny and energetic this morning. So so happy for them all. You guys are great Nurseing these sweet babies back to health. God bless you all.

When Boudreaux is rolling side to side on his back and he grabs his own paw! Oops, that's attached to me! Thank you for this wonderful Sunday morning video! It brightened my day! ❤️😄

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