Eating While Standing

Humans do it all the time – grab a sandwich or snack and eat it while standing at the lunch counter or in the food court. But to see bear cubs standing up and eating is a bit more unusual.

It had been raining, which sent all of the cubs up the trees in their respective enclosures. When the rain stopped, the cubs came down to forage and eat.

A cub in Wild Enclosure #3 descends from above.


Nom, nom, the munching begins!

One of the cubs stands up to eat. This frees the paws to hold the tasty pear.

The cub remains free-standing for a long time! What good balance!

In Wild Enclosure #1, another cub assumes the meerkat (standing) pose.

And another standing cub is in Enclosure #4. The size of the standing cub really emphasizes how small little Sorrel Bear is!

There is always something interesting or amusing at ABR. With a dozen bear cubs, we can find lots to see and enjoy.

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