Another Yearling Bear!

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On Sunday, August 31st, vacationers in Gatlinburg saw an injured, young bear. They reported it to ABR and to TWRA, and after checking for the most likely area for a trap, the TWRA Biologist set the trap and a smartphone-connected trail cam. She returned at dusk to check the trap and reset it. After two days, the little bear entered the trap and ABR was contacted.

The yearling bear, 18 months old, is very thin.

She also had obvious injuries.

Curator Coy and Executive Director Dana Dodd went to pick up the little bear.


Although she was injured, the little yearling put up a fight, and Coy had to secure the trap.

She is Bear #361 for ABR, and her nickname as she joins Clan Bear is Heather, for the hardy (and lovely) flower that grows in Scotland.

On arrival at the UT College of Veterinary Medicine, Heather Bear was sedated before being removed from the trap.

She had multiple injuries caused by attacks from one or more animals, and these had to be cleaned and stitched. Fortunately, there was no sign of infection.

Heather’s injuries were cleaned and stitched, and she was given a long-lasting antibiotic as well as the usual anti-worm treatment. When she was weighed, it was found that she weighs 52.8 pounds, not as much as she should.

She is now residing in the Recovery Center at ABR, in two rooms that have ceilings that can be lowered to prohibit climbing. The worst of her injuries are on her hip and under her right arm, so the vets want her restricted from climbing for at least a week. As we know, climbing is instinctive to cubs and yearlings, so this will be a real challenge.

One of Heather’s rooms in the Recovery Center.

The other room, with ceiling lowered to prohibit climbing.

On her first night at ABR, she ate two meals and left “tips” (scat) for the curators. These were good signs.

Then, Heather Bear slept on the soft bed. After all she had been through, it must have been comforting. The vets are cautiously optimistic, and we are hopeful that this little bear will make a successful recovery. Watch this space.