As we continue to play catch-up with the exploding population of bears at ABR, we will add to the story of the triplet cubs who arrived on June 12

Since they were healthy, all three of them were introduced to Taco Bear in the Hartley House. The four cubs had a great time together, playing all day long.

But a few days later, on June 21, there was a new cub on the scene. A female cub, who had somehow got her head into a plastic jar that she couldn’t get out of, made the news over a period of a week. She was spotted around the area and followed until TWRA finally caught up with her and was able to remove the jar.


Little Trouble Bear, so nicknamed because of her trouble with the jar and the trouble to all those trying to rescue her, was treed, and the TWRA biologist managed to climb up and retrieve the jar, but couldn’t catch the cub.


Here is the jar that caused so much grief to Little Trouble Bear.

Free of the jar at last, but she still needed to be captured.


Curator Coy studies the elusive cub who led him on a merry chase!

The little bear was finally captured on June 21! In spite of her week-long ordeal, she has made good progress and is currently residing in the Hartley House. We will update on her condition as well as other happenings at ABR. Watch this space.