Another Set of Triplets!

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Unbelievable as it seems, on the same day that Little Trouble was rescued and admitted to ABR, we also received another set of triplet cubs – these are three females, the same age as all the rest , just 5 months old! These girls were orphaned when their mother was euthanized after breaking into cars looking for food.

The three cubs went to the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine, where they were examined and found to be healthy.

Sorrell Bear, weighed 9.9 pounds. She was the smallest of the trio.

Sage Bear weighed 15 pounds. Here she is being examined at UT.

Rosemary Bear weighed 15 pounds. The cone contains the gas that was used to immobilize the cub. This was in preference to an injection, due to the small size of the cubs and their young age.

So the bear population at ABR now stands at 9! From the two bears (Tartan and Taco) we had earlier in June, there was a population explosion and seven more cubs arrived. Things are about to get interesting.  Watch this space!