Updates on Three Cubs

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Tedford, Derby, and Pumpkin Bear have about finished their medications, which means they will soon be out of the isolation imposed on them because of their infections and parasites.  The curators report that there are no traces of parasites in their stools – good news!  Also, the cubs are more alert and have the healthy look that the cubs need to have.  They have shown themselves to be good climbers, another important skill that they must demonstrate before being released into a Wild Enclosure.  We have photos of two of the three cubs today, but Pumpkin Bear did not appear for a photo.

Here is Tedford Bear, looking much healthier than he did when he arrived.


Tedford is alert and healthy.


Tedford watches the other cubs that are out in the Wild Enclosure.

Here is Derby Bear, finishing the last of his meds.

Derby eats

Derby eats and finishes his meds.

Now we are looking forward to seeing these little cubs out in the Wild Enclosure where they can go about the business of becoming wild bears.