Carter and Marvin

Updates on More Cubs

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In our last post we updated you on the three small cubs that recently arrived at ABR.  Today we will provide some photos of some other cubs, who have been with us longer.  You’ll notice that these cubs are much larger – real “chubby cubbies.”

First we see Carter (Cub #206) and Marvin (Cub #204) foraging in the lazy manner that the cubs are using now.  The time of hyperphagia is ending as they instinctively know that they have gained enough weight to survive the winter.  They continue to eat, but not nearly as much as a few weeks ago.  They are foraging lazily, and spending quite a bit of time lying down.  Their metabolism is beginning to slow down, even though bears in the Southern Appalachians do not enter dens until December.

Carter and Marvin

Carter and Marvin Bear are eating less.


Carter Bear has grown a lot since his arrival in June.

Carter looks more like a yearling these days, as do many of the cubs that have been with us the longest.  Take a look at Noli Bear, our famous river rescued cub.


Noli takes it easy, sitting by a tree.

This is what’s known at ABR as a “cubby pile-up,” of Carter, Marvin, and Noli Bear.

Carter, Marvin, Noli

Carter, Marvin and Noli in a pile.

Sola Bear, snoozing in a. tree, looks like a big fur ball


Sola snoozes in a tree.

Aster Bear only arrived in September, after being hit by a car.  She has recovered nicely and has grown into a beautiful, chubby cubby!

Aster Bear

Aster Bear rests in a tree.

We are very glad to be able to help these needy cubs and to give them a second chance at a wild life.