Something New!

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The cold weather (20s at night) has caused some changes in the cubs’ routines. We’ve seen them choosing different sleeping arrangements.

Cubs in Wild Enclosure #1 are sleeping in their cozy ground nest in one big, furry lump.

What a good way to be warm and safe!

They unfold from their nest when it’s time to wake up.

There’s nothing like a good wrestle to start the day!

One cub stays in a ball. Who is it?

It’s Angus – not quite ready to get going today.

This is something they have never seen before – crunchy water! They are intrigued.

Heather slept on her platform, snuggled up against the tree trunk.

She took a brief dip in her icy pool and then went off to forage.

The five cubs in Enclosure #3 are still eating and eating.

Nettles Bear has shown that she doesn’t cared for peanuts! We wonder about Not-a-Polar-Bear.

Nettles prefers the Mazuri Bear Pellets. Those are what have made her grow and gain weight. She also likes acorns.

What a load of acorns the volunteers collected!

David Whitehead helped by picking persimmons for the cubs. Wonder if Nettles will like them?