Cubby Piles

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Cubby Piles are how the cubs sleep on these cold nights, when it’s more comfy and certainly cozier to sleep snuggled in with your enclosure mates than to sleep on the resting platform or a tree branch. The cubs in Wild Enclosure #1 are using this close-together method to keep warm on these cold nights we are experiencing now.

Don’t they look warm and cozy?

Sleeping in one big pile is like having 4 blankets! Between the warmth of their fur coats and the warmth of their bodies, they stay toasty.

But then comes the moment when one of the cubs decides to get up. That means that the pile comes apart – now all the cubs must get up!

Heather the Yearling has been playing with her Swingy Ball lately.

She has become a strong and a big little bear!

She frequently climbs a tree after she eats, and she likes to sleep up in the tree.

One of the Fight Club girls has decided to finish off a sapling.

The Shadow Cubs are back! They have to leave by noon, though.

Last week, Nettles showed very little interest in her toys.

Now, Nettles makes an active effort to bring Not-Nettles into her bed.

Snuggling with Not-Nettles, she makes her own cubby pile in the Hartley House.

It is typical for bears (including cubs) to be lethargic as winter gets closer. Watch this space.