Sleep. Eat. Repeat

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The lives of the ABR bear cubs are pretty much an endless cycle of sleeping, eating, and doing it over again, with playing and/or wrestling thrown in periodically. It is true in each of the enclosures, although it is a little different for each group of cubs.

The cubs in Wild Enclosure #1 slept on their resting platform. All was quiet and peaceful until one cub woke up and had to see if the others were still asleep.

It seems to be an unwritten rule that the first one up must awaken the others.

Then they engaged in pre-breakfast wrestling.

One by one, they went down to eat.

The last cub to leave the platform did some yoga stretches before descending.

In Wild Enclosure #3, the four cubs (Taco, Truffle, Thyme, and Thistle) were sleeping in trees rather than on the platform.

They had to climb down to forage for their breakfast.

But of course, there was the pre-breakfast wrestling among them, too.

Once the wrestling ended, they got down to foraging.

In Wild Enclosure #4, Little Trouble sat by a tree to begin to eat her breakfast.

She has made excellent progress. Who would guess that she had that jar stuck on her head?

Sorrel Bear was digging for bugs to supplement the food that the curators provided.

Something startled the cubs – what could it be?

It was one of those peanut showers! Rosemary Bear caught a peanut as it fell to earth. Yummy!

Meanwhile, our little yearling, Heather Bear, is doing well in the Recovery Center and so far has tolerated her confinement. Hopefully her tolerance will continue until she can be released into a Wild Enclosure of her own.

Stay tuned to see how she progresses!