Eating, Swimming, and Sleeping

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Highland Bear, in Wild Enclosure #1, investigated a vertical den, and as happened when he started to dig, it wasn’t long before the other cubs in his enclosure joined in.

Highland seemed to be interested in this vertical den.

Soon he was on top, showing us his caboose, which is rounding nicely.

But soon his sister, Nessie, had replaced him. Her backside is rounding up well, also!

Sly Angus snuck in and dislodged Nessie. Is this a play on “King of the Mountain?”

Next we saw Angus on the ground, where he was foraging for insects. The enclosures offer tasty and nutritious bugs for snacking, and after our recent rains there are lots of them. Yum!

Piper took a drink from the Cubby Pool.

He had company.

All four cubs are in the water – it’s a pool party on a hot day.

Nessie found a peanut in the water. Pool Peanuts are especially tasty!

Later, she tried to tear up the firehose trim on the platform.

Tire water! A favorite cubby treat. The rains have increased the volume of tire water, much to the delight of the cubs.

In Wild Enclosure #4, Rosemary and Little Trouble Bear dig for insects.

Finally, we must look in on our newest rescue, yearling Heather Bear. She is holding her own in the Recovery Center and the curators are hoping she will recover from her many wounds.

Heather Bear is sleeping a lot, which is very good, and is eating everything the curators provide (also very good). She has many friends pulling for her.