Silly Cubs in Wild Enclosure #3

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The cubs in Enclosure #3 are the four “T” cubs: males Taco and Thistle, and females Truffle and Thyme. They were observed choosing their sleeping arrangements recently and it was quite funny.

First, though, Taco tried to use a tire from the Tire Bridge as a teething ring!

True fact: bears really do like to chew on tires, so if you are in bear country and park your car, watch out!

Then came the sleeping arrangement choices:

These cubs are showing off their chubby parts. Can’t miss Taco’s tummy, or Truffle’s chubby legs.

One cub, Thyme, is sensible and chooses a space of her own.

Uh-oh! Looks like Thyme’s space is about to get invaded!

The arrangements have shifted.Two more with Thyme, and one (Taco?) alone.


Room for one more? They seem to like to be in a crowd.

All together now – a pile o’ cubs!

Still together, but not in a pile. Maybe now there’s enough room to breathe.

We  have to remember that very likely, when they were born they were in a den, with siblings and a mama, so crowded conditions were a given. Guess that’s why they are comfortable in crowded sleeping arrangements now.