Another Day at ABR

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The twelve cubs and one yearling at ABR are doing very well with their primary task – getting chubbier and ready for their eventual release.

Heather our yearling is looking more like a typical yearling bear – longer legs and a lankier appearance, but we can also see that she has been putting on weight when compared to her skinny self when she arrived.

She is comfortable sleeping on her resting platform now, and spent most of the night here, in this position.

When she stands up, we can see how much taller she looks now. Typical of yearlings, who tend to be lanky in appearance. She is also growing into her ears, that seemed so large at first.

Fur now covers her injuries. You can hardly see them any more!

At first there was concern about her ability to climb trees, but she is obviously very good at tree-climbing! That is super important for her survival in the wild.

Next door, in Wild Enclosure #1, cub Nessie wants to sleep.

The other cubs don’t necessarily respect her desire for a nap.

Piper Bear wakes up with a big yawn and stretch.

Angus is a self-appointed alarm clock, rousing others who are snoozing.

Angus and Highland swat lazily at each other.

It’s obvious that they are getting plumper and look rounder.

And look how shiny their fur coats are!

Wouldn’t you know it? Now that Angus woke Highland up, he is going to snooze, himself!

Over in Enclosure #3, the T cubs are busy, though what they are doing we have no idea! Maybe we don’t want to know!

Whatever they are doing, it seems to involve their Cubby Pool.

Stay tuned to see what happens next.