Oh, Cubs!

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There is always something going on in the Wild Enclosures at ABR, and this was no exception. With all the rain recently, the cubs have been spending a lot of time up in the trees. The cubs in Wild Enclosure #4 were not seen, as they spent all day in the trees.  In Enclosure #3, where the four “T cubs” are residing, they were having some kind of meeting in the underbrush where we can’t spy on them. One cub came out briefly, checked the Cubby Pool but didn’t drink or swim, and quickly scurried back to join his/her friends.

If we find out what they are up to, we’ll let you know.

There was some drama in Wild Enclosure #1. It started with Highland Bear, who was digging a hole.

We suspect that his purpose was to find some tasty insects and larvae, but his action soon attracted the other cubs.

They had to see what Highland was doing and why. All of them wanted to be a part of the action.

Angus laid claim to the hole; then chaos erupted.

Everyone joined in to pummel Highland, even his sister, Nessie.

Chasing and climbing followed, until after a bit, they forgot what they were chasing about.

Cubs have short attention spans, and soon forget. “Hole? What hole?” And they move on to something else.

Over in the Recovery Center, our new little yearling, Heather Bear, is doing as well as we could expect. She sleeps a lot, which is good, and eats everything, which is even better.

Heather does look rather forlorn, but she has had a heavy dose of trauma. She is prohibited from climbing, as ordered by the UT vets, because of the severe injury to her armpit. If she climbed the sutures would be pulled out.

It does look painful! Hopefully, she will endure the restrictions on her movement until she is able to heal significantly.

We will be following Heather’s progress carefully, as well as keeping tabs on the rest of the cubs. Stay tuned.