Noli in Cub House

Noli Bear in the Cub House

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Noli in Cub House

Noli Bear in the Cub House.

Cub #207, Noli Bear, was rescued from the Nolichucky River.  When she was first brought to the UT vet school for examination and subsequently admitted to ABR she was severely dehydrated, hungry, and lethargic due to exhaustion.  Because she was already 5 months old, Noli went immediately to the Cub House, where there would be no human interaction.  These photos show how she has reacted to her new surroundings.  She slept a lot at first, but being very hungry she also started eating.  In fact, the curators report that she eats everything they put in front of her.  She is by far the least fussy cub when it comes to food.

Noli eats.

Noli eats everything!

Since she is the only cub in the Cub House now, she has the use of both sides.  When a curator needs to clean one side, the door is closed, confining Noli to one side until the cleaning is done.

Noli in the Cub House

She can move freely from one side to the other.

She also has access to the acclimation pen that is between the Cub House and the Wild Enclosure.  Noli can undoubtedly smell and hear the other cubs and they can smell and hear her.  All of the cubs have become “acquainted” this way, but they won’t actually meet face to face until she is released out into the Wild Enclosure.  That should happen soon.

Noli in acclimation pen

Noli in the acclimation pen.

She has been seen pacing, which shows she would like to be outside completely.

Noli sees Wild Enclosure

She can see the Wild Enclosure.

As soon as they feel it is time, the curators will open the door so Noli can go out.  It will be very interesting to see how she reacts to the other cubs and how they react to her.