Noli and grapes

Cubs Eating

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We have photos of Noli, in the Cub House, and of the cubs in the Wild Enclosure.  All of them are eating well.  Noli seems to eat just about everything that is put in front of her.  There is a small door near the floor of the Cub House that the curators use to deliver food without being seen.  Noli is an enthusiastic eater!

Noli and grapes

Noli loves her grapes, just like the other cubs.

After she ate, the little cub was tired and took a nap.  These photos were taken just 2 days after her rescue from the waters of the Nolichucky.

Noli naps

Typical of a baby, Noli took a nap after eating.

Here is a closeup of one of her paws.  Look at the claws!

Noli's paw

blue, Noli’s paw.

Three of the other cubs, Bonnie Blue, Ridgeway, and  Marvin were foraging in the Wild Enclosure.  Carter Bear still does not come down at the same to feed, even though they often are seen sharing the same tree.

3 cubs forage

Bonnie Blue, Ridgeway, and Marvin foraging.

Meanwhile, over in Woody’s Wild Enclosure we see a photo of his culvert den – empty, but Curator Coy sees evidence that he has used it.

Culvert den

Woody isn’t home.

Next we see a photo of the peephole in the observation tower.  This is how the curators as well as our photographer can see and photograph the bears.  Good thing the camera has a good zoom lens!

Lookout from the tower

Peephole in the observation tower.