cub on "jungle gym"

Moving Day – Conclusion

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In the two previous posts, we told and showed you how the curators moved the cubs from the Cub Nursery into the large, outdoor Acclimation Pen.  Here is the final group of photos taken on that day by our designated photographer, Ken LaValley.  Ken is the only photographer who is permitted to photograph the cubs (from a hidden location, so they can’t see him).  Most of the daily photos that we post were taken by one of the curators.

There are many exciting things for the cubs to discover in the Acclimation Pen!

cub on "jungle gym"

The cubs discover the “jungle gym” in the pen.

Climbing is natural for cubs.  It is essential that they learn to climb trees, as that is how they escape from danger.  Climbing also helps them to develop their strength.

Cubs in tub

Another discovery – a tub! Ridgeway is splashing in it, while Bonnie Blue watches excitedly.

Bears love water.  They will play in their tub often.  Bonnie Blue seemed anxious for her turn.

Ridgeway gets out. Bonnie gets in

Ridgeway climbs out; Bonnie climbs in.

Two wet cubs

Two wet cubs!

After all the excitement of playing in the water, it was time to climb up high and take a nap.

Time for a rest.

Time for a rest.

We will continue to watch as Bonnie Blue and Ridgeway enjoy the features of the Acclimation Pen.