Cubs peek out

Moving Day – Part 2

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Yesterday we showed you the preparations and the move of the two cubs from the Cub Nursery, where they have lived since arriving at ABR on April 4th, to their new, outdoor Acclimation Pen.  Today we continue the saga as they settle in and begin to explore their new quarters.  If you recall, we left them as they were driven down to the Acclimation Pen by Curator Coy and Curator Janet.  When the carrier was carried to the door of the big pen, the cubs were very curious, but cautious.

Cubs peek out

Cubs peeking out of carrier to see new pen.

They seemed unsure of what to do next.  Perhaps the large space was a bit intimidating, after the small pen in the Cub Nursery.

Cubs come out together

The cubs venture out together.

Cubs look around

They turn in different directions to see more.

On their own

The door is closed. They are on their own in the big pen.

Bears (including cubs) have an incredible sense of smell.  Bonnie Blue is sniffing the floor of the new pen.

Using their sense of smell

Using their noses to check it out.

Brave little Bonnie Blue strikes out to discover more.

Bonnie Blue leads

Bonnie Blue leads the way.

If you go back and check some of the posts from the last 2 weeks, you will be amazed at how much these little cubs have grown and how their strength has increased.  At first, they were wobbly and unable to stand very well – look at them now!  Bear cubs grow rapidly when they are getting proper nutrition.

In our next post you will see more photos of the cubs as they discover amazing things about this new, large area.  Incidentally, this will be the last “cage” environment for them.  The next move will be their release into the Wild Enclosure, where they will practice and refine their wild bear skills in preparation for their final release back into the wild!