Bennie and Jerry

Goodbye and Good Luck!

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Our three SC cubs, Bennie, Jerry, and Carrie were released yesterday – November 8, 2013.  They had been at ABR since March, and during that time had charmed thousands of people around the world with their antics.  On their release day, they were taken back to a beautiful, natural area in South Carolina, where they will live the lives they were meant to live, free of human interference.  Look at these portraits of the three bears, and see how handsome they are.  Their weights were very good for their release – Carrie weighed 90 pounds, Bennie weighed 105 pounds, and Jerry weighed 114 pounds.  They are healthy and ready to live on their own.

Bennie and Jerry

Bennie and Jerry Bear.


Carrie Bear.

You can take a trip down memory lane with these little bears, by watching this video of their lives at ABR.  It is delightful, and is set to the music of Boogertown Gap, the same duo who played for us at our recent Bear Necessities Dinner and Auction.