Bennie, Jerry, and Carrie

Let’s Look at the SC Cubs

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We haven’t shown recent photos of our 3 longest residents, the SC cubs – Bennie, Jerry, and Carrie.  They are nice, chubby cubbies now, and the eating frenzy (hyperphagia) is starting to wane, according to our curators.  Here are some photos taken with a zoom lens a couple of days ago as Curator Coy watched through his peephole.

Bennie, Jerry, and Carrie

Bennie, Jerry, and Carrie out for a walk.


Carrie leaves her brothers behind.

Jerry and Bennie spar.

Jerry and Bennie start to spar with one another.

Sparring bears.

They have been sparring partners ever since they came to ABR.

Bennie walks away.

It ends as quickly as it began.

Jerry steps into pool.

Jerry decides to cool off.

Jerry takes a bath.

A nice, cooling bath.

Jerry takes a drink.

And a drink from the spigot.

Jerry after bath.

Jerry, after his bath.

We think you’ll agree that they have turned into beautiful little bears.  Won’t be long until they go home to the wild in South Carolina.