Rollo - Otto

Four Little Bears

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ABR is the temporary home to four little bears – two cubs and two yearlings.  Today we have photos of all of them, thanks to Curator Janet.

First up are the two cubs.  It was breakfast time, and after delivering their food, Janet was able to get a few pictures of the cubs eating.

Rollo - Otto

Rollo was the first one at the breakfast bar. Otto can be seen behind, in the culvert den.

The cub menu has been enhanced.  The porridge of yogurt and crushed Mazuri bear diet pellets has been eliminated since the cubs show a definite preference for their fresh fruit salad now.  Because they still need the nutrition of the pellets, Janet soaked some in fruit juice and added them to the bowl of fruit.  This was well received, with the exception of plums that the cubs left at the bottom of the bowl.

Rollo - Otto

Rollo and Otto share the food.


Otto climbs right into the bowl.


Not to be outdone, Rollo climbs into the bowl to eat.

Dani Bear is in another Acclimation Pen.  She has finished her medicine and is eating well.  So far she hasn’t shown signs of stress, but the curators are monitoring her behavior, as they don’t want her to be stressed by confinement to the pen.


Dani Bear doesn’t like it when a curator comes near. She stays on her platform and tries to hide.

As usual, Summitt Bear was hard to spot.  But there he is, up in a tree.


Summitt Bear is high up in a tree.

We are glad to say that all four of the bears are doing well.