hornet nest

Yummy Treat for Cubs!

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Curator Janet braved the wrath of hornets in a nest in order to provide a special treat for the cubs.  She knocked down a nest of the insects that was being constructed on the side of the garage, waited for the angry hornets to leave and then cut slices of the nest to give to our smallest residents.

Insects, including the stinging kind, are a natural food for bears.  In fact, insects and larvae are the main source of protein for them.  The cubs had never been taught to seek out these nutritious morsels, but they certainly knew what to do with them!  Just look at how they responded to Janet’s addition to their food bowls.

hornet nest

Janet cut the hornet’s nest into chunks to add to the cubs’ bowls.


Hornet’s nest piece in with the fruit.


Otto went straight for the piece of the hornet’s nest.

Otto - Rollo

Otto ate his piece of the nest like a sandwich.


Rollo tasted a few crumbs and went to get more.

While the cubs were busy devouring their special treat, Summitt Bear was doing what he does best – staying hidden.  Can you find him in this photo?  Neither can we.

Summitt - hidden

Summitt is in there somewhere, we’re told.

Curator Janet saved a piece of the hornet’s nest to give to Dani.  Summitt can likely find his own insects in the Wild Enclosure, as previous residents have done.