Big and Little Yearlings

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ABR currently has six yearlings in residence. Three of them are what we call BIG little bears. They are the ones who have been in our care for a few months and have taken advantage of the highly nutritious food that the curators provide; as a result, they have chubbified and are healthy and plump. The other three have been admitted recently, and they are very small little bears. If you were to see them in the wild, you would probably think that these were two different age groups, but in truth, all of them were born in January 2022!

We’ll start with the most recent arrival, Townsend Bear. He is residing in the Cub House, which was updated and improved through a construction project last year. Townsend is the first little bear to stay in the new and improved Cub House!

Townsend is enjoying his food bowls. He samples the contents of each. After his malnourished condition that indicated a long time without proper food, we’re sure that he is really enjoying the bounty!

He can follow the trail of grapes to another food bowl, and drink from his water bowl that has a log inside to hopefully prevent spillage.

He eats his food – Good bear!

Curator Cole added a small culvert den to Rover’s room in the Hartley House.

Curious, Rover entered the den. Oh no! It appears to be swallowing him!

After redecorating it to his satisfaction, he spent the night in the den.

Lovey Bear got several enrichment toys, also. He particularly likes the Kong toys with treats inside!

Mistletoe came into view. His sister is in a daybed in the grove on his right. We believe they slept there last night.

Nettles, the Bird Bear, came down from her tree and sat in the sun. She is looking very good.

When she stands up, we see how tall she is and how her legs have taken on the lanky appearance of a yearling. She is a healthy yearling!