Doing Well

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All of the yearlings at ABR are doing well. Here is an up-to-date report.

Mistletoe and Peppermint are showing signs of wanting to get back outside. They are checking out the Acclimation Pen often, perhaps looking for a way out. They have to wait until there is food available in the wild.

Nettles seems happy in her tree. She doesn’t appear to be stressed.

HRH Rover likes his culvert den where he can hide away.

Townsend sleeps well on his bed, surrounded by evergreen and his stuffie friend.

He is eating well and sleeping soundly. Good bear!

Here is the newly remodeled Cub House, showing the former roof level. The roof was raised to allow more light in.

It is much brighter now!

There are two rooms that lead to the Acclimation Pen #4. Here is a former resident, Daffodil Bear, demonstrating how they are laid out.

And here is the Acclimation Pen where Townsend Bear will be,eventually