And Life Goes On

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We can’t begin to imagine the thoughts and feelings of CranBeary’s two siblings. We reported the sad news about his euthanization at UT but for the other two yearlings, his disappearance must seem sudden and puzzling. In the wild, animals don’t have time to dwell on such matters, because life does go on. His brother and sister slept in the culvert den, as they had done before. As humans, we wonder if they were waiting for him to return to the space they had shared, but that’s just putting a human spin on the situation. The two yearlings went about their usual business, foraging, some wrestling, and investigating the ice in the Cubby Pool.

Mistletoe emerged from the culvert den in the morning.

His sister, Peppermint, came out very soon after him.

They discovered the “hard water” and checked it out. The ice didn’t last very long today.

Soon  they were foraging together.

Then they climbed into the trees. Both of these yearlings are good climbers.

And life goes on for the siblings, as well as for Nettles, their next-door neighbor who has not been seen much of late. We hope she reappears soon.