The Three Yearlings

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ABR now has three yearlings in residence. Nettles Bear, who is alone in Wild Enclosure #4 after the release of the four females (the Fight Club girls) and the two remaining Christmas Yearlings, in Wild Enclosure #3. All are doing well, continuing to forage, though not with the intensity of previous months, and doing a lot of resting/sleeping. Nettles had been making herself scarce recently, so it was good to see her come down out of her tree in daylight.

Nettles peeked around the tree.

She took a drink of the ever-popular tire water. It seems that all of the cubs and yearlings like to drink from the tires. Yum!

Nettles is really looking good! If you recall, she was very much smaller than the others in her enclosure, but now she is of an average size for her age.

The fur has grown back on her legs, where she was shaved while at the UTCVM.

Nettles poses to show us how healthy and chubby she looks now.

As she walked through the enclosure, she passes the wreckage caused by earlier residents. Note the murdalized sapling – one of many.

Other cubs also destroyed ABR property like this culvert den that had been covered with slabs of tree bark to disguise the culvert. Nettles was not responsible for any of the destruction!

She foraged for a while, and then returned to her favorite tree to spend the night.

Next door, Mistletoe steps out of the culvert den in which he and his sister spent the night.

He is a big boy now!

His sister, Peppermint, comes out right behind him.

She, too looks healthy and rotund!

They go out to forage, and the camera captures an unusual image, with sunlight offering a mystical vision.

A bit later, the two yearlings climbed up their tree to rest and snooze.