When it rains, we don’t see the cubs, because they are up in the trees. On this rainy day, the six cubs in Wild Enclosure #4 were down to forage, though, and we have the proof here!

First, we note that our Big Guy, Thumper, was up in a tree. Do you see him up there?

He’d be harder to spot if he weren’t so big.

Soon he came down, as did his five friends.

Martha is chubbifying well!

Her sister, Betsy, and Flapjack forage near each other.

Another friend, Burrito, is nearby as well.

We can see the raindrops on Flapjack’s fur.

This is where the “Fight Club Girls” from the class of ’22 used to wrestle all the time.

Six cubs foraging along the edge of their enclosure.

In Wild Enclosure #2, Doodlebug, Tater, and Nugget were foraging before it rained.

Tater and Doodlebug touched noses, a mark of what seems to be affection between bear cubs.

Puddin’ is getting rounder!

The “boys’ dorm” is still in use.

A drink before bed – Caramel sips from the pool before climbing up into her tree.