In each of the Wild Enclosures, the cubby residents have adjusted to their enclosure-mates and are coexisting in their own way.

The boys in Wild Enclosure #1 lollygag on their platform.

It took a little time for Turnip to become a member of the group, but all four cubs are now good friends.

Caramel, the only female in the enclosure, stands up to murdalize a sapling. Did you think only boys did that?

Caramel connects with her brother and the other boys.

But sometimes a lady likes to be alone.

Caramel is chubbifying very well!

The boys are in the “boys’ dorm.”

Caramel chose to sleep in a tree, instead!

Doodlebug looks up at her friend, Tater.

The two friends share a branch. The third member of their trio, Nugget, is nearby.

From Enclosure #2, we can see that two cubs are wrestling (or something) on a platform in Enclosure #1.

The six cubs in Wild Enclosure #4 still like to sleep close together.