The fun never stops at ABR, when it comes to the seven,three-month-old bear cubs in our care. Just look:

Tots is improving. The curators are looking forward to introductions to other cubs, but not until her arm heals.

Tiny Tots has a big room, but she’s enjoying it.

Another attempted introduction of the brothers and Peeps. She is still wary of the rowdy boys.

She did venture out of her corner for a minute or two. We think they want to play, but are just too overwhelming for her.

After they left, she ate two bowls of Cubby Porridge with berries. Food solves every problem!

The brothers took a nap in their room.

The trio slept together.

We think Jellybean is hogging the space!

They are active and on the go – up, down, and all around.

Daisy Mae is a proud little bear.

Soon, she and her mates will be out in Wild Enclosure #1. Won’t they have a time!?

Curators are weaving a new Firehose Hammock for the Acclimation Pen outside of The Recovery Canter. When Peeps and the brothers go out it will be there for them.

We thought you would like to see the results of the recent weigh-in of the cubs for their ear-tagging procedure. Why isn’t Jellybean listed? Because he would require a heavier sedation, and they didn’t want to do that. They estimate his weight to be around 15-20 pounds! Here are the stats, so you know who is who by their ear tag colors.

394 “Daisy Mae”: left/red, right/red 5.0 kg 11.02 pound
395 “Duke”: left/green, right/green 5.6 kg 12.35 pounds
396 “Jellybean”: left/green, right/yellow
397 “Peeps”: left/blue, right/green 3.10kg 6.83 pounds
398 “Casper”: left/yellow, right/blue 4.45 kg 9.81 pounds
399 “Shadow”: left/blue, right/red 4.25 kg 9.37 pounds
400 “Tots”: left/yellow, right/red 2.46 kg 5.42 pounds .