Two tiny yearlings at ABR

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Recently,  ABR admitted several undernourished, depleted, yearlings (cubs born in January, 2009).  By this time, these bears should weigh at least 50 pounds. 

Instead, this bear, from Polk County TN, only weighed 10 pounds when brought to ABR  in late March.  It was obvious to the wildlife officer that she had been without a mother for quite some time.She is getting plenty of nutritious food to help her gain weight and grow stronger.

This bear, from Carter County TN, came to ABR the first week of April.  It is also an underweight yearling who is eating well and gaining weight, thanks to the extra measure of TLC provided for orphaned bears at Appalachian Bear Rescue.

There are currently 13 small yearling bears being cared for at ABR.  This is an unusually high number for this time of year, and these young bears need quantities of food.  Please consider a donation to help us feed these orphans.  A gift card to WalMart, Kroger, or Food Lion would help us to purchase needed produce items.   Please put your name and address on the packaging or on a separate piece of paper, and mail the gift card to Appalachian Bear Rescue, P.O. Box 364, Townsend TN 37882.