Summer and Juliette

Summer and Juliette Released!

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As promised, here is the post about the release of two of our “first wave” cubs – #208 Juliette and her sister #209 Summer came to ABR in July weighing 13.3 and 11.7 pounds, respectively.  They were released back into the wild on November 25th, weighing 61 and 81 pounds, respectively – quite an impressive weight gain in four months’ time.  We have some photos to share about the cubs’ stay at ABR and their release.

First, we see how they looked back in July.

Sisters Summer and Juliette in July.

Sisters Summer and Juliette in July.

By August they had grown and were living in the Wild Enclosure.  In this photo of Summer, we can see a bit of the white blaze on her chest.  Only about one in four bears in the Smokies have a white blaze.


Summer played peek-a-boo.



Juliette climbing a tree.

In September this photo showed them relaxing and appearing to be sharing a joke.


The sisters look very relaxed.

And now we have photos of their release day, starting with the workup.


Each cub was worked up separately.

Cub weighed

The cubs were weighed.

Measurements and vital stats were taken.

Checking vitals

Checking the vitals.

Each cub received eartags and a lip tattoo.

Lip tattoo

Lip tattoo and eartag have the same numbers.

The cubs were loaded onto the truck for their trip to their new home.

Into the truck

Into the truck she goes.


Release site

At the release site.

Each of the cubs wasted no time in running to the woods to begin their new adventure – their second chance at a wild life!


Juliette jumps down.


Summer heads for the woods, following her sister.

As always, we wish a long and happy life to our released cubs.  They are ready for their life in the wild.  Goodbye and Good luck, Summer and Juliette!