Spunky – a perfect name for a spunky little bear!

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On Thursday, February 9th, ABR admitted the 10th little bear of this year. We posted about him at the time.

After just 3 days  he has settled into his new home and enjoys the Christmas tree.  In fact, he has a little hidey-hole under/behind the tree where he curls up on these very cold nights.

Hardy (cub #7) has not invited Spunky to share the “den” space as yet but Spunky, living up to his name, gets along well, anyhow. There is a heat lamp above the pen that helps to warm the space on the below-freezing nights we are experiencing right now.

Usually it takes a few days for a newly-admitted yearling cub to be accepted into the rest of the family group.  Spunky will probably fit right in before long!