three cubs

New Photos of Cubs

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As busy as they are looking after the nineteen cubs in residence at ABR, the curators still manage to get photos for us to share.  The only time they are where they can photograph the cubs is at feeding time, and they must be very quick and quiet.  As you know, they do not interact with the bears in the Wild Enclosures, and must be silent as they throw the food over the fences.  We have some photos taken of cubs in Wild Enclosure 2.

three cubs

Some of the Wild Enclosure 2 cubs.

Herbie Bear was glad to find an apple.  Apples are frequently on the cubs’ menu.  Bears like them, and the round shape makes them objects that can be moved around before eating, thus giving the cub a little “playtime.”


Herbie takes a bite out of an apple.

The cubs in this enclosure are looking chubbier and their coats are improving.  Pumpkin Bear looks very fuzzy in this photo.  She shows her wildness with a fierce look.


Pumpkin seems to be saying “Don’t come any closer!”

There are only two cubs in Wild Enclosure 3 as of now.  They have been seen foraging near each other, but don’t interact and prefer to stay in their own trees.


Here is Milo in his tree.


We have a different view of Zellie Bear in her tree.

The most recent arrival is Cedar Bear, who is getting along well in his private acclimation pen in the Cub Garage.  He is a hungry little bear, and cleans his bowl each time he is fed.  He also shows his displeasure at the curator’s presence by huffing and blowing.

Cedar Bear

Cedar Bear in his pen.

Cedar eats

Cedar eats all of his food.

After finishing his food, he heads to his den for a nap.  In this cold weather, that is a good idea.


Cedar moves over to his den for a nap.

We have one photo from Wild Enclosure 1 – this is Beaufort Bear, with cedar shavings clinging to his fur.  This is proof that the culvert den is being used, at least by some of the cubs.


Beaufort Bear just came out of the den.

All is well today with the cubs at ABR.  We are very glad to report this!