Marvin's food

Marvin Eats – What He wants!

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Marvin Bear is a picky cub – a fussy eater, like many a human baby.  This is a trait that is less common in bear cubs, but each cub is an individual, and this is Marvin’s trait. We posted that the curators had moved him into a private pen, since he didn’t seem to be eating and gaining weight like Bonnie Blue and Ridgeway.  Now they are watching him carefully and are catering to his tastes, at least for now.

Curator Coy has moved him into another acclimation pen, where he will have no visual contact with the curators.  In the smaller, private pen he could see them when they came to feed.  When he moved Marvin, Coy was able to weigh him and was relieved to discover that he had gained almost 2 pounds since being away from the other 2 cubs.

His “meal tray” looks like this:

Marvin's food

Marvin’s food choices.

Marvin likes the mixture of full fat yogurt and Greek yogurt (the Greek is for protein).  This is what he eats in place of the formula that he did not like.  He loves his applesauce and grapes, but often saves the grapes for a snack later.  The pecan halves are a treat that he doesn’t always appreciate.  Fussy little bear!

Just so you don’t think that the curator actually goes in and serves him these treats, here is a picture of the security corridor to the acclimation pen.  You can see that the entire corridor, as well as the entrance to the pen, is covered with blinds.  Marvin can hear the curator coming, but can’t see him or her.

corridor to acclimation pen

Down the corridor to the acclimation pen.

Applesauce first.

Through the peephole we see Marvin going for the applesauce first.

Saving grapes for later.

Grapes are often saved for later.

He likes yogurt

He likes his yogurt.

Actually, this photo was taken before he moved into the large pen, when it was easier for curators to take a picture.  We only post it now so you can see how much he enjoys the yogurt!