Happy Outcome for Peace Bear!

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As we reported, wildlife officers (TWRA and GSMNP) were looking for a suitable foster mother for our wee little cub. Fortune smiled on them when they found a denning female who had two little cubs of her own. Arrangements were quickly made to transfer Peace Bear into her den. Meanwhile, Curator Coy and little Peace were getting along well in the Cub Nursery, but of course a real bear family is by far the best place for a tiny orphaned cub.

Peace Bear, with a full tummy, sleeps in the Cub Nursery.
He scooted himself under “Not a Polar Bear.”
Curator Coy gave him a bottle at 4:30 AM. The procedure is going more easily after a day’s practice.
A few hours later, it was time for Peace to go to his new family. Curator Coy packed him up.
Off they go to the foster den.
Just before hiking to the den, Peace has a little snack.
When Coy and TWRA Officer Massengill reached the den site, they were able to put him at the entrance by using a catch pole.
The arrow points to his tiny feet as he dove into the den. That was the last glimpse of Peace Bear. He was in his new home with his new family!

Although it is fun to watch a cub grow and thrive at ABR, we can never do as well as a mother bear, even on our best day. We are thankful that this little cub now has a much better life ahead of him, as a part of a bear family, with a caring bear mom. Good luck to Peace Bear and his new family!