Good Bears!

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The yearlings show good bear behavior. Their mothers were teaching them well. An example is our little CranBeary, as he exits his den to use the “facilities.”

Cubs are taught to relieve themselves outside of the den or nest in which they are sleeping.

CranBeary backs up, away from the entrance to his den.

He finishes the job away from his den.

Then he sits outside for a while.

After a while he went off to forage with his brother and sister.

All of the Christmas Yearlings are doing well.

Mistletoe may be pondering whether to go in for a swim, but he decided against it.

As usual, Nettles came out to forage after dark.This habit, too, is good bear behavior. Bears are most active at dawn and dusk, or in the dark.

Nettles  is coming along very well.

One of the many non-bears that take advantage of the food distributed by the curators. You’re welcome, Mr. Bluejay!