CranBeary and his Den

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The three Christmas Yearlings are adjusting well to their new home in Wild Enclosure #3. They spend some time together, but also separate to do their own thing in the enclosure. CranBeary seems to have appropriated  the rock den that they investigated the first day.

CranBeary has been continuing the excavation (out of our sight) and sleeps for a good part of the day inside. After a few hours, he pops out.

He comes out to stretch a bit and move around, but then returns to continue his long nap.

He goes right back in to sleep some more.

His sister Peppermint and brother Mistletoe prefer to sleep in trees.

Early in the day, the three of them met on top of a culvert.

After a few minutes, they scurried off to forage.

Next door, Nettles still likes to wait until after dark to explore and forage.

The yearlings have choices about their lives – where and when they sleep, eat, and who they hang out with. They are growing and learning how to be bears!