Cub Updates

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There is good news about the progress of Milo Bear (Cub 236).  He is eating all of his baby food and is starting to enjoy an enhanced menu including applesauce, mashed grapes, and cut up pears.  His condition seems to have stabilized and his stools are more normal.  He is eager to eat more, but the curators still have to be cautious about giving him too much, too soon.  Here he is in the Cub Nursery.


Milo Bear with his stuffed companion, Charlie.

When a cub is alone, the curators usually provide a stuffed bear for company.  Charlie has been a companion to a number of ABR cubs, but the cubs that need his presence are generally much younger.

Milo eats

Milo eats his food eagerly.

As he grows stronger, Milo will be upset about his confinement to a small pen.  It won’t be long before the curators need to move him into larger quarters.

Zellie Bear, Cub 235, is getting along well in her outdoor acclimation pen.


Zellie Bear on the platform in her acclimation pen.

Noe we’ll look at some of the cubs in Wild Enclosures.  It is amazing how much better, plumper, and healthier these little bears are after a very short time.  For example, here are three of the cubs in Wild Enclosure 1.

3 cubs

These cubs have gained weight and look better.


Tucker Bear is filling out.

The cubs in Wild Enclosure 2 are a little further along in their recovery and “chubbying.”  Here are Pumpkin, Gamble and Tedford Bear.

Wild Enclosure 2

Wild Enclosure 2 cubs.


Chestnut Bear looks very good.

The cubs in Wild Enclosure 4 are even further along. They are doing a lot of snoozing these days.  We wonder if they are perhaps thinking about a winter den.


Acorn snoozes in a tree.

But in between naps they wake up and may go down to forage.  As we have said before, their foraging is not as frantic as it was, or as it is in the other cubs.


Acorn awakens. What now?

Another Wild Enclosure 4 cub is Herbie Bear, who is looking quite plump these days.


Herbie Bear is looking quite portly.

We are glad to see the development of all of these cubs.  It is nothing short of miraculous how they rebound when they have proper nutrition and the environment where they are safe and protected.