CranBeary and His Two Pads!

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CranBeary Bear moved from his underground den into a culvert den near the Acclimation Pen. That is where he was snoozing this morning.

CranBeary was snug in his culvert den.

Along came his sister, Peppermint. She was curious about his new place.

She went right in to check it out. Maybe she had some suggestions for a change in decor.

He couldn’t sleep with her up on his roof.

Since he was awake, he decided to go and get a snack. That’s always a good option, when you are awake in the middle of the night.

There were lots of peanuts in the Acclimation Pen. Yum!

After his snack, he went back to his rock den to sleep.

In the morning, he was up and out of his rock den early. Off he went.

He returned to the culvert den to snooze today. So imagine that – a little yearling with not one but two cozy dens! He thought this would be quiet and peaceful.

But his noisy neighbor was trying to disturb his nap. We think that CranBeary slept in spite of the cardinal. Bears  are champion snoozers!