Nocturnal Yearlings

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Nettles has shown a preference for nighttime foraging all along, but now the Christmas Yearlings are adopting the habit as well. Actually, it is the choice of many, if not most bears. Bears are considered to be crepuscular animals, meaning that they are most active at dawn and dusk. But in addition to those low light times of day, they also are active at night. Bears have very good night vision that serves them well when foraging after dark.

Nettles was on the ground, foraging.

She hung out near the Acclimation Pen, but didn’t venture inside.

The curators were glad to see that she is exploring her enclosure a bit more.

One of the Christmas Yearlings climbed down a tree in their enclosure.

All three of them ate peanuts in their Acclimation Pen.

Two of the triplets scrunched themselves into the culvert den.

The triplet on the outside decided to join the others in the den.

A back door allowed the third little bear to enter. Everybody had to squish together!

With all three inside, it was crowded, but at least it was nice and warm!

They stayed there for a long time! Now and then a paw would reach out to pull in some more leaves and straw, to make it even cozier. Zzzzzzzz!